Saturday, April 10, 2010

Study, Study, Study

I've been reviewing nclex questions for three days now. I have got to do better on my next test this Wednesday. There seems to be something going on inside my brain. Previously, I would work through nclex style questions and average about 40-50%. This time around I'm averaging about 80%. I hope I can do as well on the test. My hopes for an A in theory class are quickly diminishing. I made a 90 on the 1st test and a 76 on the 2nd test. There are only two more test to go and in order to make an A I've got to do EXTREMELY well on them.

After visiting with my instructor and a good friend who teaches nursing at another university, I've found that basically I need to think more about the nursing process and how it relates to the information I am learning. I've adopted the following motto...."If it looks like a nurse, walks like a nurse, and acts like a nurse...." you get the idea. This is much more difficult than it sounds. I need about 48 hours in a day to get comfortable with all of the information I am sifting through. Hopefully some of it will stick. (So glad I don't have to wear the same garb nurses had to wear 50 years ago! My hairy legs wouldn't go well with the knee length skirts.)
Back to the books.


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