Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Resetting the Bar

Okay, I finished my 3rd exam today. I did better than before, but there goes my hopes for an A in theory class. Now, we're hoping for a B. I'm not too disappointed, but it would have been nice to pull a 4.0 this semester. I have to wonder if it is even possible for me to make an A in this class. I'm studying my tail off as it is and I just can't seem to get it. Today's grade was an 82. Now that's not terrible, but just thinking about all of the time I've put in makes it seem not quite worth the know? There is just so much information to try and grasp. I feel like if I were to spend about 12 hrs a day studying, I'd get it. But who has that kind of time. Life steps in sometimes gotta get the kid from school, make dinner, run errands. Oh the days of being a single college student. I thought that when I was getting my first bachelors degree in the arts that I worked hard. NO WAY! Having been on both sides of the road now, I can see that "artists" in training have got life pretty easy. Not that people in the arts don't work hard, it's just very different.

I've got work to get caught up on now; chapters to read, meds to look up and a final to begin getting ready for. Better hop to it.


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