Thursday, January 28, 2010


It's looking like it's going to be a very long semester. While I've really enjoyed every day of nursing school so far, there is just so much to keep up with. At this point I've got seven (7) chapters to read. Some of these chapters make a Stephen King novel look like Dick and Jane. I've also got online modules, videos and tests to try and push through. On average I'd say I've been spending 7 hrs a day (outside of class) studying. I have to admit that I enjoy it. It is so refreshing to be doing something different in my life.

This week we've learned how to take vital signs and give a head to toe assessment. I figured all those years of going into the Dr.'s office that those nurses were just goofing around with all that stuff. My wife has been a pretty good sport about letting me practice on her. However, she did get a little perturbed when I started fondling her breast when I was trying to listen to heart sounds. :) DISCLAIMER: Fondling is NOT proper nursing procedure! I had no idea it was that difficult to monitor blood pressure. You've got to really listen and pay attention. You can't kill somebody with an overinflated cuff can you?

My clinical calculations math is going very well. I actually get it! Yea for me and any future patients I may have. I have a clinical math test that I have to take in a couple of weeks. The requirement for passing is 90%. Hopefully I won't have any problems. Remember all those years of teachers saying that you weren't allowed to use a calculator? Well, as it turns out in real life...YOU CAN!!!!!!! I don't know what all the fuss was about. I'm pretty sure all of those no-calculator-using-fire-breathing math teachers were just out to give everyone a hard time.

I have one more day of clinicals this week and then it's off to work I go for the rest of the weekend. The good thing is that I'll be able to study most of tomorrow in my hotel room. I am also trying to get a study group together. I'm not sure how easy that's going to be, or how effective. I've never had a study group, but I think it could turn out to be a good thing if everyone is in the right mindset. After this weekend I'll have one more clinical day on campus and then it's off to my hospital orientation. Very exciting!

Time to get a move on to class. We've got three hours of video to watch this morning. I wonder if anyone would say anything if I brought popcorn.


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