Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas in January

This post is about all of the cool stuff you get as a first semester nursing student. It's a little like Christmas, except you have to pay for it all yourself. But still....

As it turns out, there are approximately three feet of books that one needs to own in order to be a first semester nursing student. That's a lot of reading! I am so fortunate that I have a very good friend who is a nurse educator at a local university and she has provided me with the bulk of what is required. I have been able to get about $1200.00 worth of books for about $300.00. WOOT!

I also had to purchase a "Nurse Pack" from the nursing office. It contains all kinds of stuff that really scares me. I'm sure that eventually I'll be comfortable with touching all of that stuff, but right now it all just seems out of place. You have to realize that I'm the guy that used to not like to touch the paper that covered band-aids. It just feels weird. I'm over that now, lest you think I'm insane for choosing this career.

I've ordered my stethoscope and a cool light pen as well. They should be here in a couple of days. I can only imagine that every new nursing student gets their first stethoscope in the mail and give it a good workout for about 30 minutes. It's fun just to listen to stuff; you know, your heart your families hearts, the refrigerator, the wall, the wall of your neighbors apartment, etc...

With all of this new stuff, you need something to carry it in right? Right. I looked around yesterday for the perfect travel-book-bag-rolly-cart-briefcase for all of my stuff. Do you know how expensive some of those things are? The most expensive one I saw yesterday was $300 bucks! Besides that most of those things aren't practical for for all the books I'll have with me. You see, I'll be headed to the library after most classes so I can't just leave my text books at home. I'll have to bring several of them with me. So, the all $300.00 all leather pouch with silver lined pen case just ain't gonna work for me. I ended up getting a backpack with wheels made by "Jeep" at Wally-World for $34.00. It fits all of my books, won't kill my back, and the price was right. I just hope it doesn't crap out after day one.

I bought scrubs just before Christmas. You know, if you've never worn scrubs before, I would suggest to purchase them at a local store until you know your size. I bought large scrub pants at first, got them home and was amazed at how big they were. I ended up returning them and getting the medium size that fit just right. Makes me feel better about my weight though. :) I also ordered my name badges. For the first time in my life, I have letters after my name...."SN". Student Nurse - Lowest of the low I know, but still...letters.

Looks like I'm ready with all of my junk. Now it's time to get busy. With less than a week before my first class, I've got just a bit more reading to do, some "medical math" to start working on, and review of past reading to get done. Today, I'm off to the library for some quality study time.


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