Friday, March 16, 2012


So, it's been a couple of months since my last post. The day after I took my NCLEX, I signed up to do some volunteer work. I knew that I wanted to have something to add to my resume and to volunteer somewhere I could have direct contact with people. I figured this might help me get a job someday. I chose Meals on Wheels and a local hospice company. I have been delivering meals about once a week now since I started. I have to admit I am ashamed of myself for not having volunteered for something like this sooner. It is so easy to do and the people I meet are always very appreciative. It only takes about an hour a week and it helps so much. For my hospice, I had to go through 24 hours of training. That is understandable considering the nature of the position. I haven't been assigned a particular patient yet so I've been going into their main office doing some filing, stuffing envelopes and folders...that sort of thing. I did get the opportunity to sit with a patient last week while his wife went out for a couple of hours. It is really amazing how people like this will just open up to you. I'll be able to work on my active listening skills here. I am really looking forward to continuing my volunteer work.


  1. DV,
    It sounds that because of your compassionate nature, you were really cut out for the nursing profession. "Listening" to patients is not a skill that all nurses possess. That is part of the Art of Nursing and that is what makes good nurses GREAT. Once you are employed you may have difficulty keeping up with your volunteer work but never forget what you learned by doing it. You will achieve professional satisfaction in you career as you have achieved fulfillment in your volunteer work...
    Best wishes on your future endeavors.

    1. I agree! Also, where I work, we see many elderly patients, low income patents and patients who lack a support system. It will be very valuable for you to have interacted with people throughout Meals on Wheels because you will have seen firsthand how many of your patients live. This will help you relate to your patients as a nurse and help you provide better care.

  2. Since I am also going for my RN degree this showed me how it is really important to start volunteering. Right after I read this I am going to start looking at local hospitals!