Friday, March 16, 2012


On the job front...I was finally called in for an interview for a cardiovascular ICU in a regional hospital about 45 minutes from where I live. I was amazed to finally get a call. I went in not knowing what to expect and was astounded at the patient population they have. The "team" mindset that this director and his staff have was very impressive. Their educational opportunities are never-ending and it sounds like a really great place to work.

The following week I received a call from the hospice company that I have been volunteering with. They had gotten to know me some from being in the office so much and had me come interview for one of their RN positions.

Both interviews were with a panel of staff members and I walked away from both places feeling very good about how things went. During my interview with hospice, I received a phone message from the regional hospital asking me to call them back. I wasn't very hopeful considering the directors tone of voice. However, when I called them back they offered me the position! WOOT! I told them I'd have to think about it (I didn't want to seem too desperate). The next morning I called and accepted the job. I still have not heard back from the hospice. That interview was three days ago. I will be calling them today and withdrawing my application and letting them know that I will still be happy to volunteer.

So now what...I am desperately trying to review some cardiac information before I start my new job sometime next week. I've already signed all the paperwork, peed in a cup for a drug screen, and gotten another TB test. Hopefully I'll get to start all of my orientations next week.

On an important side note... During my interview for the hospital, I felt like I said all of the right things. I was given several situation type questions and grilled about how I think I would fare in a CVICU setting and everything I said was truthful and appropriate. Normally I would have had real trouble answering questions like this but in such a stressful environment as an interview. A few months ago I was studying the book of Exodus. I have to admit I felt a bit like Moses talking to pharaoh. Everything I said to the interview committee just seemed like the right thing to say. It is amazing how God prepares us for life when we don't realize it.



  1. Just wanted to let you know that I've featured you as a VIP on my blogroll at !

  2. That is so great!! Congrats on your first job and in a cardiac unit to boot. Not me buddy. Once I get out of nursing school, you'll only catch me DEAD in a cardiac unit & hopefully not then either. The heart is NOT my thing. But I am excited to hear about the job & how you like it and mostly how you feel when you start. You know you always hear that nursing is really OTJ so I'll be interested to see how you feel about it. Good for you!!!! Woohoo!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks, Candi. I love the heart and I'm really excited about learning more. I got to see an open heart surgery earlier this week, It was a dream come true!

  3. Hi. Hope you get a job soon!!! BTW im a nurse too and I stumble on to your page while looking for nurse blogs so dont mind me just thought I say hello =)

  4. I really enjoyed this post because it is really scary for people just getting out of college and getting a degree is really great but a lot of people have trouble finding jobs, congrats!