Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Gahh! When did I get old?

Gee wiz! Apparently at some point in the last 30+ years I went and got old. Last week when I went in for my TB test my doc had me submit a complete blood work up. It had been about four years since the last one, so I’m like, okay; I’ll get to see my lab results and compare them to some of my patients (It’ll be fun.) WTF…when I go in today to “discuss” my results my Globulin is low, my Alb/Glob is high, HDL is low, Tri’s are high and apparently I have a hypo active thyroid too. And to top it all off I have a sore throat and my wisdom tooth extractions still ache. I get scripts for antibiotics for the throat and hormones for the thyroid. I go back in a month to check things out. Until then it’s eating lean and hitting the gym a bit more often. I'm too young for a cane!

DIE, FAT, DIE!!!!!!!!!


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