Monday, October 18, 2010

Nursing School Tests

For the life of me, I don't know that I'll ever understand test questions in nursing school. "Which one of these four wrong answers is the least wrong?" God help me!

My first test this semester I made a 78%. I had studied my butt off to no avail. I have simply come to the conclusion that the amount of time spent studying for nursing school tests is not directly proportional to the grade that you will receive. So after the last test I decided that I was not going to study nearly as much for the next test because I would probably do just as well. My next test is in about one and a half hours. I studied about 3 times as much for this test. I just couldn't not study. I can only imagine what would happen to my test grade without studying. I'm sure it would end up somewhere in the pits of the negative scale. So here's hoping that the extra time I spent this time around will be worth the effort.

If not I'm not studying for the next one.


Update: Dammit......78 again!

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  1. hey i want to know about this Nursing Test?? Can you please give me whole details about it