Wednesday, October 6, 2010

First Time in OR

Today I had just gone up to the floor to get report on my patient when I noticed that he was not in his room. I went to the nurses’ station where the two nurses were going over report and they said that he had just gone down to have a PEG tube place. Oh noooooooo. Fortunately, I was allowed to go into the OR and observe. I was given a set of scrubs and then I was taken to the OR where my patient would be having his procedure. The RN I was working with today was very helpful. She took me to the pre-op room where it was VERY busy. I would assume that the morning shift is usually that way. It was interesting to observe everything that was going on. My patient was missing a consent for anesthesia. The RN that was assigned to him during pre-op was busy with another patient and eventually came over to get the consent signed. After all of the consents were signed we took him to the OR where he was treated to a nice mixture of meds to make him very sleepy. It is always amazing to me how fast theses meds work. I no time at all he was being intubated. The procedure was really amazing to me. It always seems like surgery is such a complicated procedure, but really it’s all basic pluming or carpentry. You’re just using more expensive equipment and you’re working on a human. I was surprised at the roll of the RN during the procedure. Mostly, she was charting the whole time. She had to chart all of the pre-op procedures, the staff, the equipment used during the procedure, the meds used, etc. Occasionally she would adjust the CO2 or the lighting, but other than that, she charted. I understand that charting is very important, but I’m pretty sure I am not interested in spending my days charting what other people are doing. After the PEG tube was placed a muscle biopsy had to be performed. That looked like it was going to hurt tomorrow!

After observing the OR today, I have a much better appreciation for what the med-surge floor nurses need to be doing for their patients. I can see how infection would be a really bid deal and how it is important to assess your patient once he/she is back onto the floor. I also have a better appreciation for good shoes. Standing in place all day on a hard floor isn’t easy on the feet!


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  1. I definitely do NOT see myself going into surgery. Not that it's not interesting but I don't want to stand in the same place all day watching someone else do something, I want to be hands on!!