Monday, December 13, 2010

Adult Med-Surg....Check.

Well, I finally made it. I passed my cardio unit exam with a (yes, you guessed it) a 76. Somehow I don’t seem to be able to get into that B range in this class. That put me needing 75 points to get a B in the class and only needing 25 to keep my C. Today’s final provided me with 51 points. At least I made an A in clinical. I have to admit that this has been the most difficult semester for me ever. That includes all of my “artistic” training years ago. No matter how much I tried, it just seemed that I could not learn all of the knowledge base I needed to know for the application portions of the exams.

I’ve got my course information for next semester (babies and mommies) and my books are on the way. I have a good nursing teacher friend who is able to provide me with free books for next semester…yea! Now if I could just figure out how to use them to benefit my grade. Any study tips from my readers are more than welcome. I’ll be able to get some of the reading done during the Christmas break.

I am looking forward to five weeks of R&R, Review, and Preparation for the next semester.


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  1. Great job! Med-Surg is tough! I just finished as well. Have you check out the review and rationales books? They helped me a ton!