Sunday, November 14, 2010

I failed, but then I didn’t.

This last test over respiratory was a big kick in the seat of my pants. On my previous tests, you may remember that I scored 78% on both. My efforts to make that grade were very substantial. For the second test I studied really, really, really hard; harder than for the first test. For my respiratory test, I decided that maybe I was trying too hard. My grade did not improve and I had no extra time to do anything. My respiratory lectures were going well and I felt like I really understood the information. It was time for a new strategy. I decided to take it a little easier and not try so hard. That didn’t work. Initially, I ended up with a 68%. I was pretty average with the rest of the class from what I understand. I heard several students coming out of the testing center stating that this was the hardest test so far. Many had made 70%. By the time I got home I had decided to go back to studying like I had been and just hope for the best. About an hour after I got home, grades were posted to our online accounts. 74% WooHoo!!! I passed. My decreased efforts only cost me 4 points. Two of the questions were thrown out and two answers were accepted on another question.

I was pretty determined to start studying for cardiovascular ASAP. After looking at the reading assignments and all of the study materials I need to get through before the next test I realized that it will not be possible to make it through every word in the text. After some deliberation I’ve decided on another method of studying that I think will make more sense. It’s really about knowing what to do as a nurse if any of these diseases or medications makes it onto your floor. That will be my focus for the next three weeks. Reading just for readings sake just isn’t cutting it for me. Let’s hope for the best on the next test.


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