Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rest Time

So I finished my summer term and ended up with an A in clinical and a B in theory. Once again, there is just too much information in a short amount of time for me to get the A I wanted in theory.

I am looking forward to some time off from school. I am headed out of town this morning for a few days with my family. I'm sure we will have a good time.

Since I finished my summer term, I've been applying for tech jobs at all of the local hospitals. So far I've come up with nothing. I have to wonder how many people are applying to these jobs. There are so many people like me who want to get into a position like that, yet there really are not that many jobs out there. I was talking to some classmates a few weeks ago who said that they had just been hired and had been applying for positions since March. If this holds true, maybe I'll be able to get something before Christmas.

This fall I'll be taking my Adult semester. I really hope that I can learn a lot. I feel pretty ill-prepared for the nursing world right now. There is so much to learn in order to really be able to help people who are sick. I am amazed at the knowledge that the nurses have that I meet. It makes me wonder if I'm in doing the right thing by going into this field. I have to wonder if I am learning everything that I should be learning. Guess I'll see when I land that first job.

I was surprised to learn that I have been awarded a grant for the fall and spring semesters. Woot! I would not consider myself financially needy, but I'll take the money anyhow. I was thinking that if I applied for financial aid I might be able to come away with a scholarship of some sort or maybe they would offer me student loans. (Student loans are evil BTW) So, the grant was a total surprise. Yes, I'll let the government pay for my education!

On with vacation. When I get back, I'll look into doing some more review in A&P. That can never hurt.


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