Friday, May 7, 2010

Nearly There

I've only got two more tests to take and then I'll be done with my first semester of nursing school. WooHoo!!!! I had two meetings yesterday. Well, I was supposed to have two meetings yesterday. First I make it up to the school first thing yesterday morning for a meeting with my clinical instructor. You know, the one I've had issues with all semester long. She didn't show up. No email. No phone call. No nothing. There were other students who had signed up for a meeting with her as well to go over our final evaluations and sign off on skills that we've performed this semester. The office secretary finally called her and she said that the meetings were moved to next week due to "time constraints". Apparently, she said that she sent an e-mail to everyone, but somehow that e-mail never actually got to any of my classmates. I cannot begin to tell you how glad I'll be when I'm done with this instructor.

My second meeting yesterday was for my Mental Health paperwork that had to be filled out before the summer semester begins. I'm going to a "government" run facility for my clinical this summer and there is apparently a LOT of red tape to get through. I'm looking forward to the experience though. Can't wait!

My family is leaving for the weekend this afternoon and I'll have two full days to study. Yea! I'm not too worried about my theory and skills exams next week. Skills should be fairly easy to begin with and I've already secured a high B in theory (no chance for an A however) and I really just need to review the important concepts.

I keep dreaming of the day when I have a full time RN job. It's going to be so cool!


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